Wednesday, April 16

And now a word from our Legal Representative

Hello everyone! I hope you're enjoying this adventure. I understand some SL bloggers out there are going to go silent for three or even as much as thirty days! Well, we here at the Bloodwing Foundation prefer to take a different tack. We prefer to confront this legal beast head on. May I present to Mr. Vortex Koenkamp, Esq. from Sekhmet & O'sirus, LLC to clarify this whole hulabaloo. Mr. Koenkamp? Take it away!

Tank Youz! Widdout a witten wicense agweement, Winden Wab does not autowize youz to makes any use of its twademarks. Youz agwees to weview and adhere to da guidewines on usin’ "Second Wife," "SL," "Winden," de Eye-in-Hand wogo, and Winden Wab's udda twademarks, soivice marks, twade names, wogos, domain names, tagwines, and twade dwess (cowwectivewy, the "Winden Wab Marks") at and its subpages, which mights be updated from time to time. Except for de wicenses expresswy gwanted dere ors in a sepwate witten agweement signed by youz and Winden Wab, Winden Wab weserves aww wight, titel, and intwest in de Winden Wab Marks and does not autowize youz to dispway or use any Winden Wab Mark in any mannah whatsoebah. If youz haz a witten wicense agweement wit Winden Wab to use a Winden Wab Mark, yourz use shaww compwy stwictwy widdat agweement's toims and condishuns and use guidewines.

Thank you Mr. Koenkamp! That clarifies everything now, doesn't it? Now, back to our show!

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