Sunday, April 6

OOC: The World Turns on Art

I refer of course to the new sim Axis Mundi, co-owned by my Chief Nurse Katat0nic Pidgeon and Miss 713. It is located on the border of the Victorian metaverse cluster and the so-called Modern Era. It is definitely in the running for a new site for the Foundation. Like Miss Poppy's realm it is a world where Art reigns supreme. I would show you the wonderful buildings and stores, but due to the crowds and the problematic new browser the view was a bit strained. However, the music of my dear friend Nova Sakigake came in loud and clear. And, I finally had a chance to show off the new Occult Investigator outfit she bought for me at Bare Rose. The billowing coattails ans luxurious ruffles...throw in an Evil Laugh and I was channeling Vincent Price for sure!

~Dr. Mason

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