Thursday, April 3

Gygax Captain's Log - 3rd of April

Luckily my proxybot was not seriously damaged, for I was able to attended the Steelhead Town Hall. While I was marvelling at the silks the Ladies of Steelhead were wearing, I had the strangest feeling I was being...watched.

That's when I realized that the vessel of a mysterious race called the LOLKAT had pulled close to our ship, flying parallel. I did see one of them staring at me through a porthole. I tried to establish voice content by aether. They insisted on text transmission. They asked if we had "warez", to which I responded that we had no technology for sale. Then they asked for "pr0n". I informed them that I kept a kosher kitchen on this ship and had no shellfish of any kind. In response they sent me a colorized image of a long eared rodentlike creature with a flat circular object on its head. I am not sure if this was a member of their crew, possibly their Captain?

Tuesday night my improved proxybot will be in attendance of the Steelhead Dance. Treat it as you would the real me.

Meanwhile it seems someone has usurped Ash's aethernet transmission signature. It has sent out several transmissions, heavily encrypted. Whoever it is is countering my reassertion protocols. He or she seems to know me well. Almost too well.

~Dr. Mason

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