Monday, April 28

The Oldest Trick in the Book

"I assure you Darien, the course of the Replicator virus is relatively painless..."

*Jeremiah twists dials and punches buttons on the console. He double-takes and presses them again.*

"Blast it! There's a malfunction! I'll have to do this myself!"

*He flips a switch and the stasis tube rises. The image of Darien floating helplessly in the fluid rises with the tube into the ceiling. A large circular hole in the tube rises from below the floor level, spilling the fluid across the floor and shorting out equipment across the chamber in a shower of sparks. Jeremiah covers his face protectively*

"DARIEN!! What deception is this!!"

Oh please, Father. Get a hold of yourself. You forgot to scan my body for cybernetics. My surgical prosthesis is always hidden beneath a synthetic dermal layer. While you were busy repairing your hypno-device in your Spark-induced haze I severed the tubes cut through the glass cylinder. Once I slipped out the airlock it was easy enough to project a hologram in the tube and reverse the polarity on your transducer.

"WHAT? That means you had to be..."

You thought I was one of your Steel units helping you, didn't you? Amazing how oblivious the Spark makes you, doesn't it? I could have slain you right then and there. But knowing you, you'd probably have at least one clone on standby.

"But you never disconnected the wireless voice link!"

Of course not! Since YOU were the one hypnotized it only took me some subtle suggestions for you to lapse into soliloquy and reveal your Master Plan, as all Evil Masterminds are want to do.


Sorry, your twenty questions are up. And with your command console fried you can't track me down. Don't worry, Father. I *will* find you first.


*Jeremiah pulls off his headphones and throws them across the chamber.*

"Feedback! How obnoxious!"

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