Monday, April 28

From the Helm of the Black Trireme

Bloodwing turned to face his second in command. He resembled as much a cooked lobester as he did your classic demon.

"The Nights of Terror have passed. My Firstborn's kin will emerge from their palaces in which they have been cowering, seeking revenge on the pretender just as we. We must make haste if we are to stake our claim."

"Aye, Commodore."

The crustacean turned towads the wedge of ancient vessels drifting impossibly through the void of space, their oars weaving through the aether like the bubbling surf they were designed to navigate eons before. Mermet flailed his antennae as he lifted the great twisted ram's horn, blowing shrill stacatto notes that scraped across the souls of all who heard it in defiance of the vacuum. Every row of oars found two more extending over them. The sides of the triremes now seemed to undulate like crawling centipedes.

Bloodwing looked to his side at the rusted astrolabe retooled for sailing through space. A red ember burned brighter, signaling a tripling of speed.

"Excellent. This will be an eventful family reunion indeed! "

He laughed mercilessly as the spirits in the black hulls shouted in rhythm with the drums that kept the time of their oars.

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