Monday, March 3


Things had gone from bad to worse with Bloodwing. When the Head Nurse and myself began to feel ill, I realized something had to be done quickly.

I remembered another radioactive member of Bloodwing's family, the Luminous One. Her aura seemed to have a rejuvenating effect, as noticed by her prolific "green thumb".
I brought her into the Hospital, and immediately the ambient radiation lowered to average levels, according to my equipment. I was able to begin surgery immediately.

The bones in his wings had withered away, requiring amputation of said limbs. I was however able to salvage skin from the wings to reconstruct his face. I connect a brand new pair of eyes to his optic nerve. My own eyes, or rather a cloned pair. I also injected him with samples of my own bone marrow so what was left of his skeleton would regenerate the rest of his body.

Bloodwing and I had once been a merged being, so I knew there was no fear of organ rejection. I no longer keep entire cloned bodies of myself in storage since the Jeremiah incident. But it would have been easier just to transfer his brain to a clone. Instead I painstakingly replaced entire systems.

Qlippothic Projects braved the radiation to speak explain (as best as we can figure out) what had happened to him...

And why he now was Human.


Fuzzball Ortega said...

Could be worse. He could be Ruthed.

Frau Lowey said...

How... disconcerting....