Sunday, March 2

Regarding the Patient in Quarantine

The patient in question is Bloodwing Dragonash, a male of the Demon species. The patient has suffered severe radiation burns to his face and suffers generalized symptoms of radiation exposure.

The patient's eyes have been completely destroyed. The patient's hair was burned away. The patient's horns broke off during transit to the Hospital, indicating the integrity of his skeletal system has been compromised.

Except for some agitation last night, the patient has been unresponsive, save for occasional signs of discomfort, including incoherent speech.

The Sick Ward of Caledon Regency Hospital is under Quarantine until further notice. No visitors shall be accepted. Medical personnel must wear lead-lined aprons when attending to the patient.

Staff: The patient's wings have been carefully folded under his back. I alone will tend to them. Consult the charts for special disposal procedures of instruments and articles used for this patient.

~Dr. Mason

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