Thursday, March 27

Of Recent Events...

I have seen my Father's transmission. I have tried to unscramble the aether static, but to no avail. The fact that we do not know precisely what his demands are, nor do we know the full nature of the threats he intimidates us with, complicates things further.

We must intercept his aethership as quickly as possible. The Gygax will receive a boost from the local management to acheive orbit. We will then use the Earth's rotation to slingshot into the Aether far enough to GT the entire ship safely.

While I am gone, my servant construct will conduct affairs on my behalf. I estimate we will reach the target by April the 4th. While Qli-2 may GT back and forth for supplies or even reinforcements, do not expect to hear from Qli-3 or myself again until April the 7th. If we are successful in averting this threat, you will here from us afterwards. Should we fail...prepare your aerial forces for the invasion.

In other news, Frau Lowey has an important message concerning the Steelhead ball for Donate Life month on April the 21st.

Also, now that the honoraria for updating the Caledon Wiki have been awarded, It is with much gratitude that I thank Miss Vi Paravane and the esteemed Archivists of Caledon for recognizing my contributions to the fields of Occult History and Anthropology - specifically my summation on the Founder himself, as well my concise articles on anthropomorphic sentient bipeds, (aka Furries) and the Neko species.

And lest we forget there are still lots available for Steelhead Boomtown. Contact TotalLunar Eclipse for details.

~Dr. Darien Mason

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