Tuesday, March 25


Residents of the Grid...I*hsss*Dr. Jerim*hsss*Mason of the Blood*hssss*dation. I have amassed an army of*hsssssss*constructs which are more than*hsssssssssss*conquer all of you. If you do not acquiesce to my demands, your *hssssssss*

As you see I have harnessed*hsssssssssssssss*Vortex to generate*hsssssss*anti*hsssssssssss*nihlate you all. You will surrender the Realm*hssssss*Roses*hssssssssss*tons of cavorite. Furthermore you will surrender to me the following*hsss*Governor*hsssssss*Shang...Darien Mason...Qlippoth*hssssssssss*demon*hssssssssssssss*the Bloodtail. You shall respond in*hssss*days*hssssssssssss*required, or face my wrath!


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