Friday, February 29

Same as it never was

Crafty, crafty little neko he is. He must have been bored stiff in that basement to take the time to figure out how to follow the maintenance constructs all the way into the Omegea Sector.

You already know about the Galvanic Tesseractor I invented. Does it surprise you that I had another time travel device?

The Retroactive Continuity Button. Simple, limited in function, yet brilliant. I built it when I was still possessed, when the demon was pleading with me to create a device to undo his broken heart.

Even if I could invent such a thing, I never would. I knew it would be a matter of time be forgot he got careless and said his own name. Luckily, he didn't drag the rest of the Grid down to Hell with him.

The Retcon Button can only change an event that happened since the creation of the device. Which was after the Event in question. Further, it has limited range. The event had to happen in Steelhead.

Once Koen saw the holographic displays, he realized he could turn the dial on his life and change the outcome of any event. He was bit in Winterfell, but he accepted the assignment to hunt the vampire in this mansion.

So instead of wanting to do something exciting for a change from his alchemical studies and sundry chores, he told me to...take a hike. I probably grounded him. But it worked...almost. He got as far as Kittiwickshire before the backlash hit him. Now he's gone. I don't know where or when. But maybe someone else does.

Only the original Qlippothic knew how to use the Button correctly. The Nova-Qli fusion doesn't remember it. The way it was designed, no one was supposed to remember the button was ever pressed. But now, it's broken. I...I can't go back in there. The sector is sealed off, but the chronal flux is too unstable. I'm going to need a Time Lord's help in shutting it off.

Meanwhile, Bloodwing may have found a clue to what's going on. He recently pulled up roots and pledged his allegiance to Duke Baphomet of Darkmere, just as a war between them and the Technocracy of Artificial Isle was breaking out.

Baphomet sent Bloodwing on a reconnaissance mission to AI. He brought back a prisoner to Darkmere.

He captured Qlippothic Steel!

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