Tuesday, February 26

Doctors without Borders

Sent to the Consulate of Vulgaria...

Your Excellency,

On behalf of the Caledon Red Cross, I wish to offer our medical services to the citizens of your nation, in the name of Friendship and Universal Health Care. Our clinics have performed life-saving procedures on avatars in Caledon, Steelhead, and New Babbage without regard to species or nationality. I wish the Czar and His People the best of Health and Happiness.


Dr. Darien Mason

Sent in reply...

Good Sir,

I am pleased to hear of generousity and good will by offering Red Cross service to the People of Vulgaria. As soon as the Empire is opened again to the outside world, Myself or a representative will surely be in contact with your. The Red Cross is a noble service and for that I thank you on behave of the Empire. Of the most sincerity,

Czar Ozsvar of Vulgaria.

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