Friday, January 25

*THE* Victorian Ball!

Rx: Take with a pinch of Sarcasm.

So said the advertisement anyway. An author named Deanna...somethingorother was promoting her new murder mystery Silence in the Sanctuary in SL, and hosted a contest in the prestigious Victorian Sim of Activ8 III. She's the lady on the left with the red dress with white panels. Also in that mass of half baked prims are "Sir Lord Edward", Mr. Skusting Dagger of New Babbage, the enchanting Miss Laval, and an employee of the Duchess Gabrielle, who was a lovely dancer.

One of her assistants offered to send me the first chapter of her book if I gave him my aethernet address. Being a cautious sort, I politely declined. Since Miss Deanna was an EXPERT in Victorian attire, she was the sole judge of the contest. The couple in Third Place won 20,000L each. EACH! The Second Place winner won 30,000L. And the Grand Prize Winner won 50,000L.

Let me make it clear. These are TENS of THOUSANDS of Linden Dollars. With 50K, I could keep the Hospital solvent for a year, or buy a new laboratory in Harborside. Or even cashed it out to pay some RL bills. I haven't seen prizes like that since I won the lottery ball at the Angry Ant in '06.

As for the music? I had no IDEA Big Band and Rockabilly were Victorian inventions! Someone better tell the Duchess!


Emilly Orr said...

I *so* wanted to go to that...I was, hmm, inconveniently out of world.

But it sounds about as I expected.

I have so very little respect for Activ8.

Anonymous said...

Your company was the hilarious highlight of an otherwise horrific parody of a "Victorian Ball".

A mish mash of decor, guests that said things like, "Your boobs look great in that dress"...and then the music...

I reported to Her Grace of Carntaigh that it appears she is out of the loop; that Big Band, the Charleston, an orchestral version of "Rock Around the Clock" and the Manhatten Transfer doing "The Boy from New York City" are *actually* Victorian music.

Needless to say, Her Grace was *not* amused. ;-)

Miss Elizabeth Morgenrote
Accountant for Radio Riel

Skusting Dagger said...

I did indeed give my aethernet address to Miss Blackborn's assistant for the free book.
The very next day I found it in my mailbox.
I am fortunate, however to have an aethermail delivery service which is solely dedicated to my activities in Second Life, and it quite reflects that fact.
I do not even mind sharing it here, for oft times it is quite nice to be able to be reached when out-world.
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