Friday, January 25

The Robert Burns Supper

After grinning my way through a faux-Victorian event, I was overjoyed to take part in one of those sorts of events I would never have known about, unless I had joined the melting pot of cultures and traditions known as Caledon. I participated in a fascinating ritual this evening. It seems to be the Scottish equivalent of a Passover dinner, except the food du jour is haggis, root vegetables and flammable spirits. All of this started in honor of one Robert Burns, the Bard of Scotland. If any of you have ever stayed up until midnight on New Year's Eve, you HAVE heard the work of Robert Burns!

Bravo to Duchess Gabrielle and Sir Edward for arranging this! And Bravo to the brave souls turned on their microphones to read the works of Robert Burns without the comfort of being raised with a Scottish brogue!


Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Dr. Mason - thank you for attending the Robert Burns event at Loch Avie. I was most priveledged to plan, organize and provide the venue for the event. Many thanks must surely go out to Miss Soliel Snook, Lady Christine McAllister, Lord Edward Pearse, and my cousin, Gabrielle Riel as well as the many who read or provided toasts for the event.

I am thrilled to have been able to host this in such rapid succession after the Snowflake Ball. Both have given me a great deal of pride in our fair community and her sister nations.


Darien Mason said...

Thank you for staging that wonderful event Your Grace! And thank you for allowing me to give credit where credit is due!