Tuesday, December 4

Tag. I'm it.

Fine fine fine, I'll play your little game.

1. I have a plan to end World Hunger and defeat a force that interferes with scientific study at the same time. But I need a huge pasta bowl to do it.

2. When I called on the Elder Beings to cure Baroness Amber's daughter, I invoked Chthon, not Chthulu. He is much more entwined in vampiric mythology than the giant cuttlefish.

3. Fuzzball, meQal and I were in the Capper Brigade together. Some of you may wonder what that was. It was an elite reconnaissance unit that snuck behind enemy lines, took pictures of their fortifications and wrote captions on the backs of the pictures detailing what they were. Along the way we would play practical jokes and leave embarrassing pictures with sarcastic comments to demoralize the enemy.

4. The three civilian outfits you normally see me in (the blue and brown sac suits and the black outfit with waistcoat and hat) were a gift from my former nurse Annastina Christensen.

5. My favorite books are The Deluxe Transitive Vampire and The New Well-Tempered Sentence by Karen Elizabeth Gordon.

6. I will never post another entry with "currency" in the title.

7. My current greatest enemy: Prim limits!

8. No, I will not name eight other people. Consider yourself lucky. Normally when I tag someone, it goes on their toe. If you insist that I "tag" you, it will be with this. (Courtesy of Miss Malaprop)


Kira said...

*mews happily* Thank you for your speedy humoring of the kitty:-D


Emilly Orr said...

Eep, not the swordstick!

Why not another post with "currency" in the title?

I adore Miss Gordon, her sense of humor, her flair, they hold proud places on my bookshelf, those works.

Y'know, you could always blame Miss Spengler. Works for me.

Kira said...

Well if all you needed was a pasta bowl....

Emilly Orr said...

Entirely understandable.

Which is why this tag?

Is for Koen.

*scampers quick out of the reach of Bloodtail claws*

Fuzzball Ortega said...

Geez, sounds like someone resurrected on the wrong side of the bed, this morning.

Darien Mason said...

Because, Miss Orr, after I posted, some Italian spammer posted somethign unintelligible save for a link with some thin attempt at a scam. I'm sure "currency" was the keyword that drew him to my post, like flies to honey.