Sunday, December 16

The Great Steelhead Fundraiser!

I and a few other brave souls donned our kilts and danced on board the galleon in the Harbor for the benefit of Harborside. Our goal was 60,000 Linden Dollars in one night. By the time I left, we had over 85,000L! The expansion is close...very close. Less than a hundred US dollars away!

At various donations levels, shirts mysteriously fell off various dancers and went overboard. By the end of the vent even some of the more reserved guests of male and female persuasion were torso-exposed to the winter maritime breeze!

(And no, I shan't show you any depictions of those brave souls in defense of their virtue!)

Near the end of the night I conversed with Mr. Zymurgy, who was not only shirtless, but partially fleshless as well. It seemed only logical that a zombie and a ressurectionist should collaborate. I offered him use of my facilities to design forms that appeal more to a Steampunk clientèle than his traditional customers of the gore-splattered, cortex-consuming persuasion.

~Dr. Mason

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