Monday, November 26

Performing my civic duty

Out of the blue, who should send a carriage for me but one of my first friends in the Grid, the Fashion Mogul, Acedia Albion! She and her partner-in-fashion Analogue Montagne were introducing a new line of clothing. We had a lot to catch up on...I'm sure she still thought of me as the demon that modeled for her two years ago! I invited Lunar along with me, with the hopes that we could persuade her to open a Victoriana outlet in Harborside.

(Side Note: Even after two years I still get sticker shock when I come to her sim. With currents exchange rates you could buy a real dress at Old Navy for about the same as her Photoshopped dress!)

I'm not sure if I succeeded in striking up a business meeting between Acedia and Lunar, but once Orange Montagne showed up as the Flaming Goy (aka Kris Kringle), we fired up the old Skype-machines and Boom! It was the Mr. O show all over again!

It was just like old times...sending my voice across the aether and singing the praises of Steelhead and the Victorian sims in general. I brought everyone (which was about seven people) up to speed on how Steelhead has changed from the Weird Wild West to Gaslamp Fantasy. I was lucky enough to have Lunar and the Sheriff on hand to whisper some talking points in my ear. I explained the Guvna's patented pre-booking method of colonial expansion, and invited Mr. O to hold a radio show in our Town Hall...without the Santa suit.

And I think Acedia is right. Lunar does look like Bowie in Labyrinth!


Emilly Orr said...

Well, with Sesshoumaru's hair...


Corgi said...

I've been thinking that for quite some time, really. *grin*