Friday, November 30


The Foundation will soon have medallions to wear as a symbol of lineage and alliance, in the tradition of the Wulfenbachs and the Heterodynes. I have garnered the assistance of the same artist who turned my drawing for a Steelhead flag into reality, Baron Klaus Wulfenbach!

I'm also considering selling pins of the same design, but smaller, as a sort of "life insurance policy". Wearing one as a brooch, cravat, or what have you will be a clear indication that you desire the full extent of my services, should you ever be beyond the help of conventional medicine.

~Dr. Mason


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Herr Doktor,

I know what you're up to. *grin*

I will see about making more progress on your project tomorrow, if things are quiet.

Your new assistant is quite the striking personage; good fortune to you both.


Klaus Wulfenbach

Emilly Orr said...

But honestly, Doctor, if I'm beyond the reach of "conventional" medicine, there's a fair likelihood you can't help me, either.'s either heal...or death. Frankly. :)