Wednesday, November 7

How the Wierd Wild West was Won

Last night Bloodwing's soundbite for describing the town was put to rest. Evocations of Jonah Hex and Twin Peaks for a town built on the Blueprints of a Gold Rush City could no longer sufficiently summarize the quirky yet welcoming atmosphere of our rapidly expanding town.

The release of the Girl Genius comic to the Web has brought exciting changes to the Victorian Sims. The term Steampunk has gone from parody to a genre all its own to the point that every magazine writes about it. I think the work of the Foglios play no small part.

Characters from that comic now walk among us and become treasured friends. Many more newcomers join us inspired by the thrilling tales. It gave my compulsive tinkering on the fringes of Science a diagnosis: the Spark. My propensity to turn that Spark towards Medicine has also given me a name from their pages: a Ressurectionist. Though I still prefer the older term, Reanimator.

From Girl Genius we grateful borrow a style of their coinage: Gaslamp Fantasy. Caledon is a sci-fi Utopia as Jules Verne would have dreamt with a smattering of magic around the edges. New Babbage is the other side of the coin, a Dystopia of factories and urchins with the occasional incursion by Lovecraftian horrors.

Steelhead welcomed Steampunk with open arms, as much as the Gothic archetypes of vampires, werewolves and witches and the High Fantasy of anime elves, nekos and dragons. (To say nothing of colossal chickens, bionic mastodons an Martain invaders counting coup.)

So, Gaslamp fantasy it is. And I'm proud to accept the job of a Councilor for the town as it expands. I'm also offered a clinic in the new town hall..more room for my..innovations. This the greatest gift they've given me since Tensai gave me that glowing meteorite that smashed the old church (which is powering my generator).

I'm told as long as I don't unleash zombie hordes on Main Street I'm fine. (The zombie down the street? That's AzA. He's not mine.)

~Dr. Mason


TotalLunar Eclipse said...

Well put Doc Mason. Glad to have you as always contributing to the expansion of the sim. I believe you were one of the first settlers on Steelhead after it was purchased by Miss Katt surveyed by Steelwolf.

Times change, our city expands and sadly I should get back to work. :)

Fuzzball Ortega said...

Ressurectionist......I like that.

Finally took awhile to get that perfect description of Steehead City. The Gaslamp Fantasy is a direct result of all citizens, anyway. You and your family, Lunar, Tensai, me, AzA, Lumina, Baron Wulfenbach, etc.

We are a community in every sense of the word, and visitors are fond of Steelhead because we make it memorable.

Now.....about that green rock.....I heard that it makes your floppy dong floopy.....good thing you're a doctor.

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

That's one (1), Sheriff.