Monday, November 5

...And the Guest Won't Leave

I must continue the tale from this point, for this is where my Father, Dr. Darien James Mason, died. In the Haunting, one head had withdrew into its host to hide from the punishment of the spirits. Then, the remaining serpent lunged for Darien's throat in revenge for being "poisoned" with holy water. The split second where the fang of one serpent left a pinprick in his neck was all that was needed for the second sliver of the Many-Headed Beast to enter the Doctor's blood, and make its way to his heart. And when the heart stopped beating, he stopped living. The serpent kept the host awake in Undeath - and in that unholy state the holy water became caustic to his flesh.

"Qli," he whispered with the last shred of his sanity, "the water...."

I hurried to the teapot and lifted it from the ground. My pale porcelain hands matched the ceramic of the pot. My eyes peered down at it as my finger searched for cracks in the relic. It was intact. I opened the lid and pulled out the filter, shaking the clump of infused herbs away and gazed inside the vessel. It was empty. Maybe a few drops of poison rolling back and forth in the bottom, but not enough to exorcise the monster within him.

"Qli," he sobbed, "you need to run..."

I shook my head in disbelief as a skeletal dragon wing stretched from his side, then another.

"Father! No!"

"You need to run.." His eyes gleamed with the evil of the serpent as it rose with a horrid ripping sound from beneath his shoulder blade. The unholy ophidian whispered with a forked tongue into his ear, and his tormented visage turned to one of unparalleled cruelty.

"...because I SO ENJOY THE CHASE!!!"

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