Sunday, July 8

The Hunt Continues

Sir Edward and Lady Paris threw a wonder Dark Victorian Ball above Tanglewood last night, marred only by the killing of an already-aggravated werewolf and the debate that ensued between the friends of another werewolf, the honorable Sheriff Ortega, and those who insisted the beast was a danger.

Yes the beast attacked someone, but this is normal behavior after being hunted through Caledon. As for trying to kidnap one of the ladies..also normal behavior for less cultured Lycan packs. I was invited to view to corpse this evening. I dread to see the poor creature's head mounted on a wall. Oh the things people get away with in the name of Charity!

There was further discussion afterwards in Darkling's grove, but nothing was resolved.

~Dr. Bloodwing


Fuzzball Ortega said...

Saddens me to know of the Beast's demise. I really wish I could've been able to assist, perhaps the end result would've been different.

Amber_Palowakski said...

I too would have preferred a different end for the Beast.