Friday, July 6

The Aftermath

I happily returned little Raivyn to Lady Amber and her husband Sir Book. My father Hades once told me, "A promise broken is a promise kept." Indeed, I sacrificed the only oath that kept me sane as a vow to reclaim my rank as Crown Prince of Erebus and one day usurp the throne of the Underworld.

But you know what? It was worth it. No longer do I have to struggle over my own identity. I answer as easily to "Dr. Mason" now as I do "Bloodwing". Yes..I can say my first name now..not as an adjective but as a proper noun without banishing myself. That is true power.

You could say it's a case of no more demon, but a sample I took of my blood still shows a trace amount of ichor. Only a trace. Not even enough to count as half-demon. A trace of immortality, which means..

Life has become much more precious to me. There is a solace in knowing that someday all will be forgotten.

Not enough ichor to follow the Path of the Incubus. I wouldn't want that part of my life to interfere with my work..

Which brings me back to my other hobby. I'm not driven to scavenge the battlefields or the graveyards anymore. I still possess the Spark, but it does not consume me. Revivification is but another tool among the many magicks that I still remember.

Already I've gone back to work, applying silver nitrate to unfortunates struck down during the unbelievably foolish sport of Werewolf Hunting.

So if you see me somewhere in this Current Victorian Age, you may address me by new title as a Physician, Scientist and Occultist..

Doctor Bloodwing.

Sir Gauss Magnusson
Baron of Storvik
Kingdom of Atlantia

May the gates of Valhalla open wide for you, my friend. Save a seat for me if you can.



Diamanda Gustafson said...

I didn't know you were in the SCA, Doctor.. These are sad news indeed.

Hotspur O'Toole said...

Indeed. I only knew Gauss peripherally at best, but the world is a lesser place without him.

(Former Storviki, current Palo Altoin)

americanpsyco98 said...

thank you for returning Raivyn to Amber if ther eis anything i can do to help the foundation let me know i am not the most skilled neko in the arcane arts but i am a forger of weapons and am willing to offer my services