Sunday, June 17

The Unbanishing, Part I

I was at work in my basement, testing my new neural-knit formula on a human arm with a voltometer. That's when I felt a presence in the room. Not of IGOR or one of my creations. An astral presence. I adjusted my aether-spectrometer goggles, and her essence came into focus..the pale shade of a neko female..a hint of lavender fur. I bid her welcome.

She wanted to talk to the Demon. Her. Of all people..

I knew the Demon had taken over the night before to see Christine's wedding reception. I grudgingly allowed it. Warily, now, I allowed him to speak through me. I felt my skin chill to pale and my eyes smart form the fire behind his eyes.

The first part of the conversation was clear enough.. Darkling and Lumina missed him so. Then we spoke of the past I only knew second-hand except by trauma. And we spoke of the state of my eldest daughter. I did not expect what I heard next. She wanted the demon..back. I thought long and hard about this.. I had been sitting on this formula ever since I became myself again, since it was nearly impossible to research. But perhaps I could summon his spirit outside my body, independent of me.

I switched the lever to raise me back to foyer and wheeled myself outside. Emilly was there, in the flesh that suited her best this week.

"Bloodwing, I forgive you. Bloodwing, I summon you back. Bloodwing, I break your banishment. Is it enough?"

The soul of Bloodwing, visible to all, rose from the earth, still encased in a sliver of the frozen glacial prison that surrounded him these past two months. His frame floated still, encased in ice until his soulflame turned to an inferno and shattered it.

I murmured a rote of protection as I clutched the protective amulet I had hidden under my coat. The demon approached me, undeterred in the least. It was too fast for me to express my horror as his spirit invaded my body like a hand putting on an old favorite glove. I felt my skull rupture as horns grew. Designs stretched across my face and body as if by some mad, invisible artist. I felt my shoulderblades snap as the wings unfurled. Once again I was a bystander in my own life! At least when I was trapped in IGOR's mechanics I knew he was programmed to return me to my true form as soon as it was ready and safe!

In a blink she was gone. I had one chance.

Bloodwing, the experiment I'm running needs close supervision or there is a risk of explosion. Release your hold so I can return to the laboratory. Unless I reset things exactly thre will no longer BE a House Bloodwing!

With a grumble Bloodwing pulled in his wings and the horns melted. I dashed back into the mansion and flipped the lever on the main level to slide me back into the basement. Without bothering to dust myself off I unlocked a never-used drawer in my desk. I retrieved my Le MAT Revolver from my army days. With a trembling hand I held the protruding central chamber to my temple, a 14 guage barrel with a solid slug, my fallback in case one of my creations ever turned on me.

Doctor! What are you doing?

I gazed at my warped reflection in the polished steel chamber across from me as I gently lay my hand on the second trigger.

"This is my body. MY life. MY dreams. I shall never let you control me again! No more, Demon! NO MORE!!"

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