Friday, June 15

To Hell and Back

He DID say my name..even though he was a brain in a jar on top of a paranoid robot and an empty-headed shell with a hankering for cookies and fresh air. Neither of which were suitable material for possession. I just took my time in answering the call. Until we were whole again. I would go to Hell and back to see my friends Christine and Edward enjoy their greatest night..and that is exactly what I did.

I waited there in the doorway..everything looked so different I wondered if I was even in the right city. But I recognized faces and voices in the crowd..but they did not seem to notice me until I heard the gasps and joyful cries.

Sheriff Fuzzball seemed less than thrilled, concerned about his old war buddy. Not to worry..he'll wake up over his pile of bits and pieces, right where I found him.

Oh how I missed the dance! Miss Darkling and my Sister Lumina haven't changed a bit. I felt their love warm me even in the heart of the glacier. I heard another familiar voice..

But I did not see the ears and tail. It was only as she looked over her shoulder back at me as the icy hands pulled me back to my punishment did I recognize her..for only an instant, too late to say anything..and eternity is not long enough to find the right words.


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