Tuesday, June 12

Regarding the Werewolf Outbreak..

My fellow Caledonians,

For centuries the Bloodwing Foundation has dedicated itself to finding cures for ailments long thought incurable, especially those of a mystical nature. Lycanthropy, the disease that causes one to turn into a werewolf, is just such a condition.

And in fact, the Foundation has a cure for lycanthropy, though it is very expensive and difficult to formulate. I currently have enough for to cure two people.

Some people, like the esteemed Sheriff Ortega, have learned to live with their condition, and even turn it to their advantage. But for the newly Bitten there is only the animal instinct to hunt.

The Lycans are obviously gorging themselves on the exploding turkey population, since they have not as yet stalked any sentient creatures. Due to the close timing of the two events I theorize the first Lycan may have followed or chased the flock here as part of its hunting behavior.

In the meantime, if you see a werewolf, DO NOT APPROACH. Go indoors. Leave the capture to the experts. Only if your life is in danger should you resort to deadly force with a silver weapon. Judging from the caginess of the first Lycan it is obviously a native Caledonian familiar with the countryside. I don't want anyone to have to live with a guilty conscience when a dying Lycan turns back into a friend or loved one.

If you are bitten or scratched have the wound cleaned by a medical professional immediately, and contact the Foundation as soon as possible.

Look for unexplained sudden hirsuteness and longer teeth in your acquaintances. And if you see a pentagram on someone's hand, calmly seek shelter and contact the authorities. Carrying a sprig of wolvesbane may help ward off the beast.

Mr. Ra of the Foundation will be delivering the two doses of antidote to Caledon. If you suspect you may be either of the infected, go to him and he will administer the cure in complete confidentiality.

~Dr. Mason

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