Wednesday, June 13


I'm rolling back and forth in my mansion, pondering the quagmire I've gotten myself into. I'm living across the street from a pyromaniac elf..whoever heard of such at thing? She burnt down her own structure because of a stolen clock! Be glad she doesn't live in Tanglewood! An elf choosing gears over defies everything I've read about the Fae! I wonder how she'll react to know that her safe has been ripped open, the only shred of evidence absconded?

Looking out from my roof..the tower clock has been returned..someone has leaned it precariously on her roof, as close to its original position on the old structure as possible.

And all that pales in comparison to another issue looming on the horizon..something I dare not even speak of at this juncture.

At least my Intelligent General Operations Robot (IGOR) found my birthday gift from was lost in the carnage..I feared the neko might have kept it as a souvenir.I looked where I could from my wheelchair, and supposed it might have been thrown too high or two low for me. IGOR has a wonderful Search mode. I still don't know where it found those extra gears to keep the oxygenation going on my brain jar. And I don't know where it found my Prim & Proper gold watch either, except that it came in from outside after a lot of crunching and banging. Maybe the cat buried it in the back yard?

*puts on his magnifier goggles and goes back to fixing his watch while he waits for the Metaverse to phase in again*


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Seraph said...

Good doctor, while usually not prone to the call myself, there are some fae who are very much called to mechanical and other technological works. For some, though, the taste of iron is too much. But in the future, I have heard tales of those who even meld with technology. Then again, I've seen many things some would consider odd in all my years.