Tuesday, June 19

Making the Best of It

So the Birthday Party didn't go quite as planned. More of those RL issues almost ripped us out of world completely. And Miss Christine's cake, as lovely as it was, was so dense that it took an adamantium spork to pry off a piece. Luckily the good Doctor keeps one handy in his lab..for reasons I don't wish to contemplate. So we were able to pass the common plate and spork out and around a bit.

And speaking of passing out..

Darien, Darien Darien..why do you keep forgetting you can't hold your absynthe?

Well done, Darkling! I actually had horn envy! And the crossed eyes and face paint on top of it! PRECIOUS!

We are blessed with new Foundation Members! In SL this must be the Year of the Dragon..Kiraletter blessed us with this hatchling which took a liking to the Doctor..or his slice of cake at least.

And this little whelp came in a crate with badly spelled lettering from Avaria. Obviously one of Flea's latest creations. We're open to suggestions for naming them both.

Miss Tombola gave the Doctor some bizarre contraption..a pennyfarthing bicycle? It looks like he could break his neck on that thing, but since Xerxes has decided to only let me ride him, he'll have to get used to it.

And thank you everyone for the Doctor's supplies..and to Emilly especially for the arm braces. They truly complement my favorite outfit!

As for the Doctor and I sharing the same blog..I have a plan..



Diamanda Gustafson said...

Happy birthday again :) and thanks for opening the house for the few of us. It was a splendid time!

Amber_Palowakski said...

I'm sorry I missed your b-day party, Dr. Mason. May you have many years of health and prosperity to come.