Monday, June 18

Happy Birthday to Us..

To our deva at any rate. And I'll be celebrating my release from icy prison. I'll be hosting a party at House Bloodwing tonight starting at 7. Or is it Bloodwing Foundation? Well the basement is still House Bloodwing as far as I'm concerned. I can't BELIEVE Dr. Mason torched my throne! BAH. I'll have to make a new one.

This will give me a chance to get the hang of hosting again. There shall be food and drink..and a beautiful cake courtesy of Christine.

I shall NOT serve frozen drinks.

And to make things interesting, I will be holding a contest.

I will pass out 100L prizes at the end of the night to each of the following:

Best Medical
Best Demon
Best Construct
Best Feline

And yes, if you show up as a windup neko-succubus in a nurse outfit you could walk home with 400L..if I let you leave. *grins*


1 comment:

Darien Mason said...

Damn it Bloodwing, go get your OWN journal!

~Dr. Mason