Sunday, April 29

Where a Doctor is Twice Needed

I was all set to make my debut at the Steelhead Masquerade Ball when I received the telegram..Mister Lunar had fallen ill to a chronic malady, and Miss Tensai had to withdraw from orchestrating duties that night to tend him. I wished him a fast recovery. Hopefully the Ball will be rescheduled for tonight.

As I was all dressed up with no place to go I chatted a bit with the Sheriff next door, that took a stroll to Lighthouse Island to re-introduce myself the Steelhead's owner, Miss Severine. She was apparently ready for the canceled ball herself, dressed in an exquisite peach dress.

I explained detail to her, and pledged to set up my doctor's office immediately. She encouraged me to make arrangements with Lunar for an office downtown when he recovers.

After I gave my goodbyes and crossed over the bridge,,I was stunned to see a waterspout in the harbor!

(My apologies, but my timing with the camera is poor..I just reviewed the plate and the whale had submerged by the time the image was captured!)

The Sheriff, who was on the way to see Miss Katt herself, told me that this marvelous young specimen of the whale species was his new Deputy! The Weird Wild West indeed! I've tended to animals and anthros before, but if this beast ever became ill I would have QUITE the house call!

My strength had had grown enough that I could could slip into the space between spaces and return to Tanglewood to collect the rest of my belongings from Lady Darkling's treehome. I noticed a poster for some form dance earlier in the day..they seemed to be wearing the whirling Dervish robes and dancing in meditative circles like I once had the pleasure to witness in the Ottoman Empire. Since it is a sacred ritual I could have bent the Sabbath rules and attended, had I known beforehand. I heard a ruckus coming from one end of the island. I supposed it was a ball of some sort..from a distance I could see the magnificent gowns and military uniforms..this must have been an after-event from Reconciliation Day, I thought. But as I approached I could hear their sighs and see the somber looks on their faces. I sensed something was wrong, so opened my suitcase and donned my white coat at readied my sachel in case my talents were needed.

As I approached, my heart sank as a small crowd of the powerful surrounded me with the all-to-familiar cries of "Doctor! Doctor! What news..?" Sadly I was the one asking all the questions.

Colonel O'Toole and his jackbooted thugs disrupted the Reconciliation by trying to kidnap the Kaiserin, and had shot Captain Pearse in the process! I immediately sent a telegram to the Pearse estate offering my skills, but I received a thank you note in return saying his condition was stable.

So THAT was why Qli Steel was wearing a police uniform when the Paradox claimed her! She was obviously in on the plot as one of her latest demented schemes to reshape her own History! That HOTSPUR O'TOOLE! He's lived up to his name in more ways that one! He should count his lucky STARS that prodigal daughter wasn't involved..she surely would have gone berzerk, and you'd have had a MASSACRE instead of a botched kidnapping!

Staving off my feelings of helplessness I returned to my home and immediately set up my office. I only hope that when Lunar returns I don't run afoul of some regulation or another.

When the next situation arises, I shall be ready as a Doctor. My supernatural talents, however, I still need to recover.

~Dr. M


Amber_Palowakski said...

*sighs* there always seems to be those who prefer war over peace :(

Edward Pearse said...

Though I was injured it was not at O'Toole's hands. I was caught from behind with a blade by Miss Pennyfeather. I fear she had coated the blade as I fell far too quickly for a stap wound.

Thankfully Her Grace of Loch Avie has but me into recouperative care. There is some concern about my left arm, but I'm hoping that will heal in time.

Christine McAllister said...

We were lucky Miss Figaro was there with her herbs to apply to my dear Edward immediately. I too hope his arm recovers, but regardless, it is not his arm that I fell in love with, so it makes little matter to me. Thank you for inquiring about his condition though Doctor, your concern was appreciated.

Darien Mason said...

When I arrived the chaos was still fresh, I was certain more details would be clarified. If you have any difficulties in achieving a full recovery, I have various methods at my disposal to grant you a functional limb!

Mister Nizz said...
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