Friday, April 27

Solutions are Found

Qlippothic finds me by the telescope at the roof of Darkling's living home, rubbing my temples and gritting my teeth. She asks me what's wrong. I tell her nothing. I'm..working out a problem.

I sit down with her at the table, which I've crowded with star charts and arcane manuals. I open the largest tome and flip through the pages with a blur. This one of those books with far more pages than one sees crowded between the covers.

I stop the kaleidescope of bizarre diagrams where the black ribbon lies nestled between the pages.

"'s not the entire incantation..that would be overkill. But this should be enough to purge the vampirism from the twins without destroying them."

Qli's glowing eyes illuminated the page. "But are you strong enough to read it? You are still recovering from the possession. And what of the oath..?"

"I will be strong enough by Beltane..and at these borders between the seasons there is a higher Law that supersedes that oath."

At a sacred time, at a sacred place, you shall fulfill your sacred duty.

"..and indeed, is it not my duty to heal the sick, as well as to counter the Darkness with what I have learned?"

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Amber_Palowakski said...

*feels a sense of overwhelming joy at hearing Dr. Mason's encouraging words*, if only I can either get my computer fixed or get a new one by Beltane.....a distinct possibility, but would require juggling money, bills, and work schedule as opposed to the hours of operation of the computer store....