Tuesday, April 10


If you have found this Journal, Dear Reader, then you obviously know of me. But who can truly know me? That may be impossible, even for me.

The primary reason, one which I must squeamishly admit, is that I don't truly exist.

Yes, I admit that I am the avatar in the dreamlike (and infamously unstable) aftificial Grid of Second Life. I am the alter ego of some middle-aged mortal playing out a Jungian hallucianation from a higher yet far more mundane realm. Someone with obviously too much time on his hands and an overactive imagination, and..issues? By admitting this, I have Transcended..somthing I have been trying my entire existence to accomplish. Maybe that will help. More about who and what my avatar is at a later entry. Let's move on.

What is this Journal? Let me start by what it isn't. It isn't a tell-all. No one's secrets shall be exposed here except possibly my own. Not even my children's.


Not something you'd expect from a Demon, or a Prince for that matter. But to do otherwise would ruin this Journal. This is a log of my activities, past present and planned, that I wish to share with my associates. You may expect the occasional rant or poem, but this is not some neurotic teenager's MySpace blog with dripping blood animations and spinning inverted crucifixes. I have standards.

So..the floor is now open for wellwishers, questioners, petitioners, dire ominous threats..

~Darien Mason,
Prince of Erebus*



Hotspur O'Toole said...

I shall extend the traditional totem of welcome to any entity new to an endeavor: HERE. Hail, and well met.

COL Hotspur O'Toole

Christine McAllister said...

Welcome to the journaling masses neighbour! I'm sure your views of the news around Steelhead and such will be very interesting. *smiles*

Darien Mason said...

Mr. O'Toole,

Thank you so much for the fruit basket!

Ms. McAllister,

Thank you as well, dear neighbor. Interesting? I certainly hope, in a good way.


Kira said...

Welcome aboard!