Wednesday, April 11

Talking Turkey

Yes, a turkey was a special guest at the Steelhead town meeting last night. This duly appointed representative of the flightless gamebird community complained ad nauseum about the abuse against his species by unknown bipeds within our borders. Unfortunately, he got a bit too hot under the wattle and began threatening the residents in their entirety by the end of the meeting. Impulsives creatures, they are. Not unlike myself.

Also of note:

Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega revealed that he has lycanthropy. It is a bold move on his part, and I am sure he can use his condition to his advantage the next time trouble arises in Steelhead.

My hosting venues for the next two weeks in Steelhead are as follows:

Friday the 13th: Disco Night (shudder) in Kokopelli Square, 7PM. Hosting by everyone's favorite werewolf Sheriff Fuzzball. Dress code is best described as "funky".
Oh well, at least it's my lucky day.

Saturday the 14th: Medieval Formal Ball, Steelhead Hotel, 7PM. Tensai Hilra will DJ from her impressive soundstage. Dress in period. No duct tape, please.
I'll have to excavate my closet for this one.

Friday the 20th: Tiki Party, Kokopelli Square, 7PM. The Fuzzball returns. Grass skirts, flowered shirts, and drinks with umbrellas are meant for this evening.

Saturday the 21st: Toga Party, Steelhead Hotel, 7PM. Some insist on bringing kegs, but I'll bring my amphora.

After the meeting, I took our new neighbor JeZeBel Dagger to Acedia Albion's stores in Bolinas. It was so wonderful introducing my new friend and neighbor to one of the first friends I ever made in Second Life. Her stores are the Beverly Hills boutiques of SL..aside from some newcomer items, one must earn a lot of Lindens or channel funds from outside the grid to afford her products, but I say they are well worth it!

My sister Lumina complains that her kimonos need refitting, but the only problem I have had is getting her to make male versions of her best items! Which she will indeed do, by the way. The red Galactica robes I prefer to wear are her design, but the male versions only came in blue and black. (I'm wearing them in one of her recent model shoots, I will find the YouTube link later). Similarly I saw she had some lovely ornamental armor that would be perfect for me on Saturday..except for the pink ruffles. She assured me she tailor (hammer?) a larger, masculine version for myself. (And then, I assume, I will get a discount for modeling the new article..are you taking notes?)

Sadly she was too busy and I was too tired to search her sprawling mall for 70's gear. The thought of polyester sliding against my pale flesh and an Afro impaled on my horns makes me want to grab two coins and take Charon's next skiff back to Erebus, but I will persevere.


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