Sunday, July 14

Yoggy's Tale

I am Yoggy. I do not have a shape. Ash is metal. Ash has a shape. Ash worked at the place and took care of me and I guarded the place. Ash chased me and it was fun. The place belonged to Baron. Baron has a shape. Frauley also came to the place. Frauley has a shape. Jagers came to the place too. Jagers wear hats and have big shapes. People fought by the first place, so we left. Ash went to a new place very high up in the sky where things do not fall. He took me with him.

When things do not fall I can make shapes. Look at me Ash! I have a shape! I have legs and arms and head and body just like you!

Ash is busy. Always busy. Looking at things. Going places. He does not see my shape.

Where is Ash? Qli came and took me to a place where things fall again. This place has a mountain that bleeds fire. I see the Baron-flag at the place just like the first place. I cannot make a shape here. Qli tells me Ash is gone. Now Qli is gone.

No. NO. Ash is not gone. He is here. See the closet? I open the closet. Ash is metal. These pieces are in the closet. Ash keeps extra pieces for when he loses a piece. Here are feet and legs and other pieces. Ash is not gone. I will put his pieces together and Ash will be here. Ash will play with me again.

This tall round thing is the chamber. The chamber is where Ash sleeps. I sleep in a cage but the cage does not stop me because I have no shape. Ash sleeps in the chamber when he is broken and comes out fixed. I push all the pieces in the chamber and press the buttons.


It does not work. Why? Silly Yoggy! Ash forgot the shape!

I am going in the chamber with the pieces. I am in the pieces keeping them together. Ash needs a shape. I press the buttons inside. It is hard with to press buttons with a shape that is not yours.


***LOADING: VOCAB.mem...MATH.mem...ETHICS.mem...MASON.mem... WULFENBACH.mem... STEAMLANDS.mem...



All these things where I think! This is why Ash was so busy! He was thinking of so many things! I do not know all of his things but I know a lot. I know this will not work. That is why I stopped.

There is a voice outside the chamber.

"ASH! Have you returned?"

I know the voice. It is Bloodwing. I open the chamber.


I step out of the chamber. I try to walk but I fall and flow out of the metal. I still have no shape.

"What is his monstrosity of a PET doing in here? What is the meaning of this!"

I speak. I knew a few words before and I know more words now.

"I try to fix Ash. I put Ash together but no Ash. Chip missing."

"Ash...did not tell me you spoke."

"Now I speak. Now I find Ash."

"Ash is lost to us. Lost in time and space. No where. No when."

"No. We find Ash."

"Your loyalty is commendable. But if here were anywhere still alive I would sense him."

"The Doctor Mason will make a new Ash!"

"Now listen here, you...whatever you are. Ash was born from a series of accidents stemming from my illness and very painful death. I will NOT face the fires of Apollo again to make another such being. Even if I did...and even if it worked the same way as would not be your Master."

"Then I will wear his shape and look for him!"

Bloodwing yelled. He was angry. "Put his components away where you found them! If you adored him as your Master then do not disgrace his memory by tossing his armor about like toys!"

He turned to walk away. I grabbed his leg. Ash would say words at a picture of Bloodwing because Bloodwing was his Master as Ash was my Master. I do not understand all the words but I know the important ones.


It got dark outside. The ground was shaking. Bloodwing's eyes started glowing.

"You know the Oath and understand what it means. You swore your fealty to your own words...and of your own free will. This I cannot ignore, even from as peculiar a creature as yourself. What shall I give you as a reward?"

"I want a shape! I want a shape so I can find Ash!"

"Wherever Ash is now, he should be proud of you. Yes, in return for your loyalty I shall give you a new form. It shall be young so that you have time to learn, something Qli and Ash never got to have. Do you have a name?"

"Ash gave me a name. He calls me Yoggy."

"Ya'Gi? That is a beautiful name. You shall have a girl's shape then. Do you see the mirror?"


"Do you see the girl in the mirror?"


"Touch the girl in the mirror, Yagi Mason."

I flowed to the mirror and touched the girl picture. I fell. Bloodwing is gone. The girl in the mirror is fallen too.

The girl is me.

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