Saturday, November 12

The Pendulum Swings Back: Dungeon Crawl Classics

Locked away securely in the Special Library of the Arcanum are pages from an obscure and ancient tome that records a time before monks and sorcerers and psionicists and artificers. Before half-orcs and half-elves and gnomes were known to Man. Because it is incomplete, it is known as the Nth Appendix of the Lore of Sötu.

Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) by @GoodmanGames is a D20 system devolved to it's 1974 origins. No Feats, no multiclassers, demihumans are classes unto themselves. Critical hit and miss tables and spectacular spell fumbles abound. Should your player survive his origins as a peasant recruit (highly unlikely...bring a mob!) and learn magic, your player cannot customize the magic. The magic customizes you.

I will be running a beta-test starting in December. The game itself is available in February, along with mutations such as the d14 and d17 (I actually did own a d30!) I will be recording the results.

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