Tuesday, October 11

Infection: Steelhead

Begin dictation.

Summoned the laboratory where the outbreak was created. Both scientific and mystical tools involved. Took *sneeze* samples, catalogued tomes in area of accident that were still legible. Summoned an imp to neutralize stagnant energies.

Profile compiled from *sneeze* psychic imprints and manifested in aether-hologram:
Patient Zero: Loki Gearhead
Race: Dark Elf
Talents: Spark/Mage
Symptoms: Necrosis, Depression.
Subject is at large and contagious. Spreading rapidly among local *sneeze* Excuse me...scamp population.

Patient: *cough* Mindy
Race: Human
Symptoms: Nausea (black, oily residue), Necrosis
First treatment: Reanimation Serum, maximum dose for height/weight ratio. Momentar *cough* effective, then necrosis resumed.

Second treatment: Healing invocations. No visible effect. *sneeze*

Ordered equipment shipped in from New Babbage Consulate laboratory. *sneeze* No apparent link between this outbreak and previous New Babbage epidemics.

No predatory/carnivorous *cough* behavior reported, but Loki displays cunning in avoiding capture.

Request assistance from all Masons and allies in capt....*coughing fit*

End *wheeze* dictation...

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