Sunday, June 26


A flock of crimson wings flutters to the roof of a workshop. They gather into formation of what they once once were, and release their enchantment, falling again into components unmoving, but still harboring the the demon’s essence.

Fresh from a timeless time studying at the decaying knee of Mater Motley, Fauve gathers her spider silk and golden needle and, closing her round eyes with a sigh, dreams a terrible dream of a Demon, reanimated into the ghastly flesh. Humming a dissonant,wordless tune, her needle dances and flashes through the very sinews re-creating what should have never been to begin with...he lives again...the old one...

Bloodwing accepted the leathers offered from over the edge of the screen...made from the same material as his new wings. "Your work is flawless, Lady Fauve. I was right to seek your aid. I see you have left a proof-mark..."

"To ensure you remember my favor, Lost Prince."

"Fair enough. I..."

He was distracted a shower of sparks at his feet. He watched a roll of parchment reverse-burn its way into existence, complete with the glowing seal of Erebus. He claimed it, and stepped out from behind the screen.

"What is it?" Asked Fauve.

The demon opened the scroll. "A message from the Sixth Son. It is a week old...the magic could not find me until I was intact." He lowered the parchment and furrowed his brow. "Another Wasp Queen has been spotted. The directions to the world it escaped to are listed here...Qlippothic will need this."

Stand by, Devoted Readers, as Mason Labs prepares to enter the world of The Clockwork Dolls for a special CROSSOVER FAN-FICTION EVENT!

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