Thursday, February 24

It is her decision.

Herr Baron,

I have surveyed the site of the incident involving Liaison Ash and the Elder at Cala Mondrago. The fireball from the Galvanic Tesseractor explosion, judging by the newly-formed platform - a fused disc of glass that resulted from the melting sand, had a radius of at least a hundred yards. As you see by the notes Ash left, he did not carry enough fuel with him to cause that degree of en explosion. He was testing a lateral jump, not a chronal one.

Further, I have found the partially melted remains of a massive articulated talon. This proves there was foul play. I am testing the fragment in the lab to determine its origin.

I believe if I reinstalled a GT unit into Qlippothic, we can read the magnetic resonance of the platform to locate where and when he landed, and create an aperture for him to follow back to the Steamlands.

There is one complication. The Sixes and Sevens will be returning from the future soon with supplies to rebuild the Bloodwing's Revenge as well as a nanobyte repair kit to heal Qli. Once her android form is permanently stabilized I can install the GT. However, before I had the chance to brief her on the search and rescue plan, she told me how ecstatic she was that she could permanently become human. Do not envy me, Herr Baron. How can I chastise her desiring something we take for granted every day?

I am heading back to New Babbage to build the Tesseractor. Should Qli refuse to reassume her android form permanently...then Ash is left to his own devices to return. And without Ash's special link to the Elder, then two members of my family are lost to us. And if my plan goes flawlessly? Then I could never dare to ask Qli to make any sort of sacrifice again.


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