Wednesday, October 13

Epidemic #3

My apologies for the recent silence. We've finished with yet another zombie epidemic in New Babbage. This time I built an innoculator rifle to deliver cures from the safety of the Consulate roof.

Meanwhile, I received word from Qlippothic that the Steelhead militia is very close to cornering the "Steel Head" creature. Because we know the abomination has at least one human enthralled as a Herald, I cannot say more.

Be careful, Qli. Xavael tells me this creature was once worshipped as a god; the sort of being he was sent to this world to destroy before he Fell. "It is a shadow of its former myself.", the angel says. "Its insatiable hunger and cunning desperation are fueled by the memory of what it seeks to regain. Destroy it while it is still a shadow, or no soul will be safe!"

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