Monday, August 16

Audio Assault: Canolli Capolini vs. Darien Mason!

canolli.capolini: Who needs Whitney Houston.. we have Lin Yu Chun now...

me: To which I must respond with

canolli.capalini: I call your really bad karoake and raise you

me: I have a Swedish bluegrass band singing about Ragnarok. That renders your argument invalid.

canolli.capalini: I submit a bluegrass band doing Highway to Hell (and yes, I have these albums)

me: (I had friend in my college dorm who did a bluegrass version of Crazy [Freight] Train)
Yes but do you have...
Communist Japanese klezmer!

canolli.capalini: (cracks up)

canolli.capalini: ROFLMAO
no.. but I do have Lounge Singer extraordinaire..

me: I find the riff stolen from Sesam Street more disturbing than the lyrics.
canolli.capalini: You should hear his version of Come out and Play by the Offspring..
he has personally ruined half the music I held dear to my heart.
makes me want to shout Mazel tov every time
me: besides, lounge NiN? Done before:

Pig - Head Like A Hole
canolli.capalini: lol

alright alright.. German country band doing Depeche Mode..

better yet.. doing Madonna..

Texas Lightning - Like a Virgin
me: Alright, the steel guitar lends itself to that format.
me: I prefer my Madonna with a touch of Industrial.

canolli.capalini: oh i've heard that before! that's great!..
me: and speaking of things that should not be...

Beatallica - Thing That Should not LET IT BE
canolli.capalini: NOOOOoooooo!
me: YES!
Roll a SANity Check!
canolli.capalini: okay, i'm countering with Summer Breeze.. but i don't think it tops that.

Type O Negative - Summer Breeze
me: Heard that one, emphasis on the shadows in the mind
You know I have to blog this conversation, right?
canolli.capalini: I kind of assumed
this is all sorts of awesomeness
me: /me nods.

canolli.capalini: and it would not be complete without Shoggoth on the roof, you know that..

If i were a Deep One-Shoggoth on the Roof
Sent at 9:39 AM on Monday
me: Devil Reef, you say?

canolli.capalini: oh..that's priceless.. this doesn't top it, but is disturbing in it's own right.. Japanese girl band doing 1970's american pop band covers.

me: I need a bowl of motzoh ball soup and pint of Guiness to wash that down:

canolli.capalini: if you're going the way of mashed potatoes.. seasame street is coming back..

me: OK, that is awesome
I have no choice but to unleash my secret weapon
canolli.capalini: raises an eyebrow
me: You've been KURTROLLED!

canolli.capalini: omg
first off, is that what Rick Astley looked like? geez.. and secondly.. it's a beautiful harmony in minor keys..
me: let's call it a tie before someone bursts an ear drum!
canolli.capalini: wait.. i have one more if I can find it..

this one tops it.. and I have DJ Dregg Gothly in SL to thank for it.
for the knowledge of it, rather.
Sent at 9:54 AM on Monday
me: wow. closest thing I have to that is

canolli.capalini: well, I have to hand it to you.. your prowess at finding obscurity in tunage is impressive.
me: as is yours, Madam. A toast to Dr. Demento!
canolli.capalini: here here..
canolli.capalini: just as an afternote, for s&g's.. in your spare time (and not for blog content) you might do a search on "Predator Sings" on youtube..

me: Cowardly Lion? O__o
canolli.capalini: it's .. different.
me: /me jumps ship!


Rhianon Jameson said...

Showing, once again, that an Aetherweb pricing package that provides for unlimited bandwidth is not necessarily a good thing.

ottercat said...

Wow... that is... I'm... speechless. Now to inflict, errr, I mean share with others.