Monday, June 14

withdrawal and reattachment

After finding me in the bayou of New Toulouse, Amarantis pulled me back to the new Sir William Wilde Hospital in New Babbage. I had just accepted a position there, but in this instance I was the one being examined. Yes, the adjustment to life without a steady reanimation serum supply has been challenging. I have to keep reminding myself I'm not as invincible as I once was, and that physical pain is more than a mere nuisance.

While I'm no longer able to synthesize the serum in my own bloodstream, my daughter Wren's gas-powered rabbit is still saturated. It's a simple matter to withdraw another dose from it instead.

I have used the serum. Not on myself, of course. I performed a tongue transplant on a gentleman at the Wilde just the other day. The nurse fainted dead away when after I injected the tongue and it immediately started flapping like a fish in my tongs! I am proud to say the attachment was a success. I wonder what he'll tell me once he remasters the art of speech.

Ama confirms what I witnessed. Bloodwing has now possessed my father and taken over the aerial battle with the Vesprium after the clockwork ship named after him escaped forwards in time.

As powerful as the Founder may be, he can't fight an army by himself. I've spoken to the leaders of the Steamlands and appraised them of the situation. Little is known about the Vesprium. Traditionally they were even more isolationist than Erebus was, but obviously they are now intent on conquest. What is clear is that the Vesprium do not belong in this world. They must be driven back or eradicated.

I've alerted the rulers of the Steamlands to the magnitude of the danger. Already Agent Iason Hassanov is en route in a flying dreadnought.

And do you think I'm just going sit on the sidelines? Of course not!


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

I do believe Dr Beck is headed to that very hospital as I type...

Prof. Grendel Footman said...

I had heard in Babbage that there had been a previous scientist who specialized in a reanimation serum, but had passed it off as town gossip.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Sir, I am aware of the man who led you here and whilst Dr Beck means well may I plead with you to read this cautionary tale before you do what you are about to do...,+part%22

Darien Mason said...

Oh yes...that. I'm in a much more congenial mood now these days.