Saturday, June 19


It's normal for me to be working until the dead of night. Normally I keep my scientific endeavors separate from my hospital work, and vice versa. But upon receiving the Guvna's dispatch, but since I was on shift at William Wilde Hospital when I received the dispatch I had no choice but commandeer a surgical table at Wilde as a drafting board.

One copy for the Guvna. One for the Clockwinder. One for Mama Gabi. One for the Emperor. One for Mayor Lunar.

"Do you plan to build all these ships yourself?" asked Wren as I handed her the tubes for delivery to the New Babbage Post Office.

"No. It's a much grander scale than even the Caravel. Hopefully, they won't be necessary. But they need to start building the aetherships immediately in the event that we must evacuate..."

"What's this about an evacuation?"

I looked across the table from me at a rather stunned Dr. Beck.

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HeadBurro Antfarm said...

This is Dr Beck's secretary speaking. Dr Beck is briefly unavailable due to external pressures of work, but also because he is attending a planning meeting with some Scamps. I have notified him of your call and he will contact you shortly. Thank you and please have a nice day.