Saturday, February 20

these thoughts I try to hide

Bloodwing banked and dove through the maze of glistening neurons that rippled with electrical energy, illuminating his way like the full moon reflected on turbulent seas. A glint of jade caught his eye, and froze to hover as the droplet of reanimation fluid the size of his head floated closer.

A gout of flame erupted in the demon's right hand , and he drove his fist through globule, which quickly sizzled and evaporated into nothing. An image of his Seventh Son in laboratory green coalesced inside a nearby neuron.

"You fool! I needed that!"

"You certainly don't," retorted the Founder scornfully. "You've become addicted to your own drug, little cell, and it's destroying this entire brain. Death shall surely follow." The goggled and mustachioed face blinked out without a response."

"Gospodin Bloodwing?" The Founder floated upwards to gaze into a neuron with a memory a lengthy discussion with Baron Wulfenbach.

"Yes, Baron?"

"I've received reports from the medulla. The reanimation serum has found Darien's Spark. We haven't much..." The Baron's image blurred as it's energy was stolen by a neighboring neuron, which projected the image of father figure that Darien despised, cackling maniacally from his throne in New Erebus."

"Yes, Bloodwing! The culmination of my research has lead to your final entrap..."

Bloodwing did not have time to listen to a montage of the Sixth Son's rantings. Diving through to where the emerald aura permeated nearly every cell, he saw a burning star nearly eclipsed by a thick undulating mass of green. The Founder lowered his wings as his angry visage turned to dread. And still, he snapped his wings for a burst of speed as he dove through the morass and into the burning source of Darien's madness.