Saturday, December 26


By the Founder! What a bloody mess! It's going to take me weeks just to clean up this damage. The Baron tends to be understanding when it comes to lab accidents, but we simply cannot let this happen again.

On the good side, Wren has demonstrated a grasp of the fundamentals of reanimation in her "pet project", as well as a lack of squeamishness necessary for such pursuits. While there is one "bunneh" in Babbage in particular I wouldn't mind inflicting the rigors of Science upon, Wren needs to learn that reanimation serum is a valuable resource, not a toy.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to show her how to perform a spinal column transplant.

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Wren Mornington said...

Wren manages to make herself scarce around her father for a few days while she works on making ammends for the damage.

For the time being, her bunny being paralyzed is kinda handy as he makes for good samaritan bait when she tries to lure people to their accidental deaths.