Sunday, December 20

Santa Claus, the Reanimator!

Gleaned from this site:

One of the most famous miracles associated with Saint Nicholas is the tale of how three seminary students were murdered by an evil butcher, who chopped them up and hid the pieces in barrels. Nicholas reassembled them and brought them back to life. That’s all in the standard biography of the saint. But in France, Saint Nicholas became Père Noel, who was said to have enslaved the murderous butcher and transformed him into the immortal Père Fouettard (Father Flog), who whips bad children while Père Noel brings presents for the good ones.

Not only did he reanimate three children at once (not an easy feat, I can assure you, especially if the pieces were jumbled together. That must be a well-stocked workshop indeed!), but he turned the perpetrator into an undead servant!

No wonder he has such impeccable taste in the scientific equipment he brings me every year. Happy Holidays!


Rhianon Jameson said...

Are you sure he reassembled them the way they started? Perhaps it's easier if one doesn't care if, say, Bobby got Jimmy's ears and Sam got Bobby's irritable bowel syndrome?

In any event, it's good to hear from the redoubtable Dr. Mason again!

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Can you send him over the Steelhead? We are missing someone with his skills something awful!

Darien Mason said...

May I suggest you take extra safety precautions with that sawmill of yours until something can be arranged? *grins*