Tuesday, November 17

Of Clanks and Cultists

As much as I miss Steelhead, my face is too familiar there. To keep the peace, I will keep my distance from the previous home unless the need is dire. My friends know where to find me.

The metropolis of New Babbage provides the anonymity I need. There is always an influx of new residents who don't remember the Monster Hand epidemic, or even know me from the other Mason who lives here (with whom I have no relation).

Praise the Founder I had those crates of inoculation guns stored from the last epidemic. One zombie plague is bad enough. Two strains in the same area can lead to cross-contamination and dangerous new pathogens.

I also solved a murder mystery with Miss Kamenev, who saw right through me.

I cannot thank the Baron and the Consulate enough for use of their facilities. The gargoyle's spirit would have perished had I not the materials on hand. After the Equinox his golem form quickly crumbled. But now as an avian clank, he flies again.

Herr Baron has asked me to watch or the Spark urchin, Clara. Indeed she is quite the handful. She apparently foiled the invention of another young Spark named Triky, who built a school-smashing, teacher-eating clank. I was not there at that incident but I did intervene when she and her little friends tried to repair a multi-purpose construct of Captain Mauriac. Note to self: keep ALL talking birds far from the premises when working on a heavily armed clank!

Now it seems I have a nemesis. Mr. Yoyo Underby. His Qabalistic knowledge rivals my own. I thought as a colleague I could convince him to use his skills for the good of the community, and capture the kidnapper of urchins loose in the streets, this Creaky Gloom. But Underby played me for a fool!

And now Tenk blames me for his entrapment.

I shall see you free, Clockwinder. I swear!

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