Tuesday, September 15

Final Orders

Dear Ash,

There has been an explosion at Mason Labs. Steelhead is burning, and my life's work is strewn as slag across Port Harbor. All of this carnage is my fault. Exile or no, I cannot simply sit and watch.

By the time you finish recharging, I will have donned my aethersuit and jumped ship through the airlock. I have timed my escape to enter the gravity of the wormhole we dicovered earlier. I detect manmade radio frequencies emmanating from it, but I know not the origin. I pray who or whatever is on the other side can get me home.

Find Gematria. She has been missing for too long. If the Timekeepers have harmed her, you are authorized to punish them.

Both of you need to analyze the energies of that explosion. After the lightning and the chain reaction I saw a beam of purest light...nothing I sequestered in my laboratory had that kind of frequency. Search your archives. Prophecies seem to be at work.

I will see you again, My Children, in a happier place. My Love for you will sustain me wherever I find myself, as it will sustain you.



Dio said...

there is a certain decisiveness and perhaps somewhat neitzschean edge to you character that I find rather intriguing.

looking forward to seeing how this ties in with the fuzzy gentleman's story.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

You should read it all from the start, Dio... really!