Wednesday, June 10

This is not a goodbye.

Since 12 September 2005, I have spent my virtual life fighting my inner demons. On 9 June, 2009, the demons won. I have no one to blame but myself. One portal is closed, but many others are opening. I am still Doctor Darien James Mason. The only change is the Grid of Second Life will no longer be my central platform for my storytelling.

I appealed the decision of course, and was quickly rebuffed. I could go on a tirade about Ye Lindens and their moralizing in the name of the Almighty Dollar, but I won't. I could spew vitriol at them from a safe distance, but Mr. Prokofy is so much better at it than I.

I will still write stories. I will still post things on the Nings and fritter on the Twitter. I will still listen to Radio Riel. I will just spend a lot less of my time fighting lag.

As for my properties? The fate of Caledon Regency Hospital, logically, lies with the members of the Caledon Red Cross. Appointments can still be made with Dr. Geier at the new Tanglewood Clinic.

As for Mason Labs, I thank Lunar-san for offering to keep it open. Consider it my gift to the Sparks of Steelhead. Should the Consulate wish to procure the facility for their own purposes I would be most delighted.

I have two tickets in my pocket to explore two new worlds. When the gates open (and I am authorized to do so) you will see more pictures, and I will invite you all to join me. Gematria and Ash are accompanying me on my journey. Koen has returned to Erebus to settle some family business.

Lumina, Qli-2, Kiralette, Frau Lowey, Jeremiah and my faithful dolls sparky and vanna are the survivors successors of Mason Labs.

We will keep in touch.

P.S. It is of the utmost irony that my first love Sumalee has arrived inworld only a couple days before my exile. We shall be reunited again my dear, very soon.


Forelle Broek said...

Having been a Steelhead neighbor and friend of Dr. Mason for some time, I am saddened and disturbed by this news. Obviously I don't know the details. But my inclination is that, whatever occurred, it cannot plausibly have justified this extreme outcome. I respect Dr. Mason for avoiding anger and recrimination in sharing this awful news -- indeed, the measured tone of his announcement is itself evidence of his good nature. But I cannot help but feel some anger that a member of our community can be summarily disappeared by the game gods. Fortunately, as Dr. Mason notes, our community now transcends the virtual space of SL itself, and the Lindens cannot fully deprive us of his company and friendship.

hba said...

As a long time reader of Darien (as well as twitter follower) I've very sad to see him go like this - and we had just begun ssuch a fun collaborative writing venture too!

Anonymous said...

I am hoping it will turn out not to be true!

Rhianon Jameson said...

Oh no, Dr. Mason! I'm both saddened and shocked at this turn of events. It's taken all my willpower not to stomp up and down and demand answers, but, to paraphrase Mr. Broek, your measured tone speaks to your good nature, not to mention maturity, and so I shall try to follow your example.

Even if we have seen the last of Darien Mason in SL - and I most certainly hope it is not - I shall continue to follow the escapades of the entire Mason family in other forums, including this one. And perhaps we will meet again in another world.

Eladrienne Laval said...

Doc, my next door neighbor for so long in Caledon, thank you for your friendship and for introducing me to the wonderful community of Steelhead long ago. I am sorry this has happened to you and wish you well.

Gabrielle Riel said...

This is so not ok...

I am so upset. I don't even know what to say.


Cathy and Audrey said...

Very disappointed. I have been keeping an eye out in sl to thrust my converstaions upon you face to face. Very disappointed to have missed this opportunity