Friday, June 26

OSGrid: LBSA Plaza Renovation, Industria

I sat by as Mr. Frisby (he's "Mr. OSGrid"), Doctor Rorrim (the elfin lady) and the other gurus of this Grid collaboratively revamped the sim. Before it had been a steel pyramid with a maze underneath. A maze for first rezzers who may not even know how to move yet?

The couch I was sitting in fell many stories as the area was leveled, and the ground was changed to a glowing blue grid.

I also received an invitation to investigate an OSG sim called Industria. At my visit it was still obviously in the building phase. Something about an industrial zone built around an old TB ward? Yes, they would need a doctor, wouldn't they? It may have a Crimson Falls feel to it when it's done, I certainly hope so.

I've learned of the fate that befell the Clockwinder and Dr. Obolensky's coup. I cannot directly intervene, but I can scan the waters of the Linden Grid for that giant milk bottle. I can also coordinate communications with the resistance if need be. My Revenge will have to wait.

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