Wednesday, June 24

Another Avatar Influence

Most of you won't know Dick Dyszel. I would manually flip the UHF dial to channel 20 to watch this local Washingtonian every Saturday Morning. He was a host back when televison depended on such people to keep you occupied when the station was changing tapes, and portrayed a variety of characters. He was our Bozo the Clown. He was Captain 20, a spaceship captain. He was Count Gor de Vol, host of Creature Feature, showing Godzilla movies and those sloppy B-Horror movies MST3K would later greedily sink their teeth into.

And this man was an innovator. I dare even call him tubepunk. I remember he hooked up a video game to the television, then he'd call a fan and tell them to say "POW!" into the phone to fire the laser and kill the aliens. Interactive TV in the 70's! In the 90's he took his Creature Feature show online and was one of the first to discover the medium's true potential.

Oh yes, and he had a mustache.

I was reminded of him because his biography will be showing at the AFI Theatre in Maryland this Saturday.

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Eladrienne Laval said...

Ohmigod YES! Creature Feature!!! I remember that!