Tuesday, May 26

perhaps I was mistaken

Sparky carried marion's inert frame in her arms as she emerged from the fog of the freezer unit.

"But..." I stammered as I fastened the bandages to my torso over the stab wound, "if that's marion, who is she?" I pointed to the broken doll on the floor wearing marion's dress.

Sparky only shrugged as she hefted marion's frosted porcelain limbs into the corner with a crash. I knelt down over my would-be assassin and removed her wig, and flipped open the access panel on her cranium.

"Sparky? Jeweler's goggles and tweezers."

After a day of examining the impostor's clockwork I pulled out a minuscule wooden punchcard from the behavioral index.

"This is Aleister's design," I growled as I crushed the card. I gave her key a few twists and stepped back as her processor began whirring.

"Little doll," I said calmly. "What is your name?"

"My name is vanna, Sir." The doll did her best to sit up, considering the mangling sparky gave to her earlier to rescue me. "Where am I, Sir? The last thing I remember someone biting my Builder on the neck..."

I nodded sadly. "You are in Mason Labs, vanna. Welcome to our family."

"Get out of my dress, vanna!" shouted marion as she rose, brushing the ice off of her synthetic flesh.

"So much for starting on the right foot," I sighed.

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