Thursday, May 28

Furthering of the Healing Arts

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Geier, a surgeon emigrated from the Gor regions you has started in Infirmary in Caledon Tanglewood, specializing in Obstetrics. We immediately coordinated to certify her facility as part of the Caledon Red Cross network (including Regency Hospital and Tamrannoch Sanatorium). She assisted me in diagnosing a patient of a species of which I have considerable knowledge.

I also received a gift from Lady Darkling...Bottled Spierling Lightning! I'm sure I can put this to use in the Lab!

Now, I am off to Lady Eva's rezday!


Rhianon Jameson said...

Obstetrics? And here I thought that the women in Caledon were just starting to pack on a few pounds (she says cattily).

If we exclude the various creations that come out of Mason Labs, the birth rate in Caledon seems remarkably low. I leave it to others to speculate why this might be so; I merely offer it as an observation. Dr. Geier might want to consider a new specialty, lest she become the 19th century equivalent of the Maytag repairman.

Darien Mason said...

The Prim Baby Boom has subsided a bit from its height a couple years ago. Many found the scripted responces of the wee bairns (and telepathic emmanations of the in utero!) to be most off-putting, and there was a backlash. Add to that many realms remain hostile to child avatars due to the misbehaviors of a few.

While I may seem to be creating new life assembly-line style from my Steelhead Lab, I assure you that in the Gorean regions where Dr. Geier is from, the population is sustained "the old-fashioned way".